Living Loved



This past week I read an amazing book called “Uninvited” by Lysa Terkurst and the way I now approach rejection has been flipped! If you have not read “Uninvited” you desperately need to. We all face rejection (despite our efforts) and her book teaches you how to live and feel loved when this world rejects you.

One line I loved (there were around a hundred lines I now want on a T-Shirt) was this super simple statement,

“Live Loved”

We are so dearly loved by our father in heaven so why are we chasing love and acceptance from things and people that we know will never satisfy you? Now I don’t blame you, believe me… I am the queen of finding acceptance in meaningless things. But I wonder why, when I first saw the “live loved” statement, that it was this profound moment and I was just awestruck by the concept of living loved and what that looked like.

That is so sad to me. The fact that before Lysa put it into words, I could honestly say that I was not living loved and living out the promises that God has for me.

I never want any of you to feel that way. I don’t want you guys live life feeling rejected or unloved because YOU ARE NOT THOSE THINGS.

Again, I am the queen of finding contentment and purpose in things outside of God and… boy do I hate that! But we are a team, we are in this together. Living loved is something that we can only accomplish through Christ and the best way to live loved is to spend time with the one who loves us the most… our Prince of Peace, refuge and strength, and abba father, Christ Jesus.


XOXO, The Christian Prepster



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