The Beauty of Hands



One of my most favorite types of worship is the kind you do with your hands. Wether that’s serving others through physical labor, praying hand-in-hand with fellow sinnners, or taking the time to write out a prayer of thanksgiving and jot down some verses to memorize. There is power in hands. The hands of the Lord shaped every single cell in your body, and has hand written your story. It’s only natural for us as humans to delight in the handiwork of things! So let’s get hands on in our worship and dig deep into the flower pot of truth we have at our fingertips.

There is just something about using our hands to reach out to the hurt, broken, and lonely people of this world and to invite them into God’s love. We use our hands to write prayers, letters, and to enter into conversation with our father.

Looking down at my hands right now, I see cuts, scars, and unpainted nails. My hands are by no means perfect (I will never become a hand model that’s for sure :D) The scars remind me of pain I’ve had. The cuts are moments of pain more recently. The unpainted nails are just another example of that fact that I am not perfect or “put-together”.

But my hands were made for so much more than to look “pretty”. They mold poetry, write blog posts, flip through book pages, grip microphones, interlock in prayer, raise up in worship, and reach out to the unsaved. My hands have grown, healed, and have lifted heavy loads, somehow they have followed me through my whole life and have never let me down.

But the best thing I can do with my hands is open them up to the Lord. To stop carrying the heavy load and give it all to God. Give him the reigns to my life and just say, “use me”. What my human hands can do alone isn’t even half of what can happen when I put my life into the hands of God.

Here’s to letting go and letting God! Here’s to imperfection because I believe that imperfection is 100 times more beautiful. And here’s to going hands on with our relationship with the Lord.


XOXO, The Christian Prepster



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  1. Linda Burdge says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Love this young woman so much!


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