I find flowers to be the most beautiful thing in the world. There are so many things about flowers that make me happy! For example, the smell is fantastic, they are all so beautiful, and they point to the Lord in so many ways.

This past week I was given flowers and after looking at them for awhile, I was reminded of one of my most favorite quotes,

“The Lord planted flowers in the muddiest parts of my heart.”

That quote resonates with me so deeply because it is such a true statement. The Lord called this orphaned heart and welcomed it into his family. The God of all beautiful and wonderful things called me out of the bondage of slavery and made me into something beautiful.

The process of a flower has always fascinated me. The breathtaking bouquet doesn’t just appear, it first starts with a single seed. That seed is chosen (just as we are)  and placed in the ground. Now, I can guarantee that if seeds had minds of their own, they would probably be questioning the hand that chooses them because that same hand has now placed them into a pile of dirt. Let’s pause here and think about this.

That sounds an awful lot like what we do. We question God’s plan as if we know what should happen instead of him. He places us into dirty and messy situations and, for a moment, we think, “how can this be, nothing beautiful will ever come from this.”

But despite the confusion the seed is feeling, it stays in the ground. The gardener doesn’t leave the seed to defend for itself. The gardener comes along and gives water to the little seed in order for it to live and to grow.

The Lord does the same for us. He doesn’t leave us to fight on our own, he stands by us and gives us the strength to keep going and to fight. He gives us living water.

Then something amazing happens, that seed starts to grow and to bloom. The seed that was hand picked now resembles something totally different. That seed has blossomed and now is a beautiful flower.

That flower is then picked and arranged into the beautiful bouquet it was created to be.

The Lord wants the same for each one of his children. He wants us bloom and to grow in him to reach the purpose he has for our lives.

No matter what stage you are in, the Lord is watering you to become something bigger and better than you have ever imagined. Trust his timing and the process and I promise you that you will experience God’s beauty at work in your life.

XOXO, The Christian Prepster


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  1. Linda Burdge says:

    This is beautiful… are so good at making me see God’s Special Light!


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