Importance of Quiet Time



I’m so sorry for the time off! I have been slammed with high school! Yet, in the midsts of all of the slamming, the Lord revealed himself to me and I have learned a great lesson! Can you say, “Yay God?”

With fall in full swing and the chill of winter slowly making its way into our days, it’s hard not to get caught up in God’s greatness (which I highly suggest you do!) One of my favorite fall activities is to sit on my bed with the windows open, crank up my worship music, grab my journal, and sit in the Lord’s presence and take in all the peace and joy He can give me.

I’d like to say that the most learning I have done throughout my whole life has been done in moments like those. When I can step outside of life and this world and just sit and spend time with my savior, those are the moments I literally live for!

Recently I  connected the dots on something that is probably common knowledge to most people but it just never clicked for me.

The only way you can hear from God is to be silent because He whispers. 

 The Lord reveals himself and desires for you to be in communication with him but most of the time if not all the time, it will take effort on your part. You just need to be quiet and give God the chance to speak to you.

Once He does, which He will, you need to take note of what He says. The Lord doesn’t speak without meaning, the Lord always works with a purpose in mind so take note!

This week I have been focusing on the song “Great, are you Lord”. One line from the song says that it’s God’s breath in our lungs.

For the first time that line hit me and the prayer below became mine.

Lord, help it to only be your breath in my lungs and none of mine. Help me to souly live off of your breath and your movement in my life.

I challenge you this week to spend time with the Lord. Listen to him and give him the opportunity to speak life and to place breath into your lungs. I can guarantee it’s worth it!

XOXO, The Christian Prepster


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