The Beauty in Trying


Sometimes I become overtaken by things. Whether that be the beautiful sun rising in the morning on my way to school or the paralyzing fears I have that seem to find me quite often. Either way, I become overtaken by things. The first is great and one feeling I love. The latter, however, is one that I’m not too fond of.

Despite the major differences between the two, I still make an effort to seek the moments in life where I am forced to hand it all over to God. This past week I was reading in Exodus about Moses and Aaron and the crazy amount of effort they put into carrying out God’s will.

The Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron and told them exactly what his plan was and how the convincing process of having Pharaoh “let his people go” would take place. In Exodus 8:6, after the Lord explained how Aaron would stretch out his arm and frogs would appear, Aaron immediately did what the Lord commanded.

I can almost guarantee that after Aaron heard the Lord’s plan of making frogs appear out of nowhere, that Aaron was doubting and possibly thinking, “oh my goodness, how stupid will I look if these frogs don’t appear.” But Aaron impressed me by the fact  that he just stretched out his hand and did as the Lord commanded.

Imagine what would have happened if Aaron decided to sit this one out because of his fear of  messing up? 

Luckily, I think Aaron knew of something that I tend to forget. The Lord has not called us to succeed, he has only called us to try and to make an effort to carry out God’s plan. 

When the Lord calls us to crazy things outside of our capacity and we are overtaken by the fear of messing up, remember that the most beautiful thing to the Lord is to look down and see his children trying to follow his lead.

There is immense beauty in the effort and the thought of, “you know what, I’m just going to go for it and trust that the Lord takes over!”


XOXO, The Christian Prepster


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