The Pursuit

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Have you ever wanted something so badly that you literally (or figuratively) chased after it?

As a child, my favorite game of all time was Freeze Tag. Every day at school I would stuff my lunch in my mouth and hurry out onto the field to be the first one ready for the ultimate game of Freeze Tag.

Daily it was a battle between the boys of 5th grade and the girls of 5th grade. We would make a huddle and map out our plan of attack. The look of sheer determination was on the face of all twelve students that made up our fifth-grade class.

We would play for, what felt like, an eternity. Little me, all sweaty with my frizzy hair and red face had only one desire on that field… to beat the boys and finally proclaimed that girls ultimately rule (and boys drool).

I wanted that title so badly and would not stop until I was either forced to go back inside for class or until the girls won.

That same determination, drive, and pursuit happens in our lives daily. The Lord is chasing after you and has one goal in mind, to love you unconditionally and to give you the best.

The thing that made those Freeze Tag games so memorable is that the girls weren’t the only determined ones. Both sides wanted to win and used every ounce of speed and determination in the 30 minutes of recessed we had.

The same goes for our walk with the Lord. This relationship is not one way, it’s not just God chasing you and pursuing you. We need to be chasing after Him and seeking Him in every moment.

Imagine what your relationship with the Lord would look like if you started chasing after Him more that you are chasing after the things of this world. How incredible would your life be if you stopped seeking success and started seeking Christ?

XOXO, The Christian Prepster 


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