Kicking Fear’s Butt



I have struggled with fear for years and have finally decided to drop it because I am sick and tired of letting it control my life.

In a letter, I wrote to my future self  I wanted the future me to be brave and bold in life. To take risks and chase after her dreams. The unfortunate thing about those wishes is that they are so hard and stuck under a huge layer of fear that I have built up my whole life.

My dreams are huge and the call that the Lord has placed on my life is one that is scary and is going to take every ounce of courage and bravery that I can muster up. But that’s exactly what I want.

Last week I did something so out of my comfort zone… and I am still alive! There were a plethora of times when I wanted to back out, when I wanted to throw in the towel, and when I wanted to turn around and run away. My paralyzing fear of messing up and people realizing that I am, by no means, perfect was holding me back from chasing my dreams.

But the crazy thing is that, by doing the things that cause my palms to sweat, I have realized that life is not meant to be lived in fear.

I know that I, along with many others, have started to see our fears as more powerful than our father. The Lord has the power to give sight to the blind and bring dry bones to life. Our fears only have the power to hold us back from our dreams and blind us from how life is supposed to be lived.

I’m so done with fear… the Lord brought me out of my slavery so why do I keep placing myself in the hands of fear?

Daily I have started to challenge myself to do one brave thing a day, whether big or small, just one brave thing. It’s time for me to kick fear in the butt and start living out God’s call on my life.


XOXO, The Christian Prepster


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