Living Fearfully & Wonderfully #4

First of all, let me try and put words to how amazing Nancy is.

Nancy lives a life more adventurous and exciting than any person I have seen and she is the same age as my grandmother.

She and her husband own a vineyard and two HUGE sail boats. A few weeks, ago they tent camped on a beach in Texas for an entire week.  Two days ago, Nancy went to a water park with our youth group and road all of the rides!

Nancy is one of my small group leaders as well as my parents’ Sunday school leader. Nancy is one of the best examples of a wise and godly woman. Her story is amazing and a true example to the Lord’s ultimate plan for our life.


I will be taking a break from the Living Fearfully & Wonderfully videos for a few weeks. I have many more interviews scheduled but would like to take a brief break to do more written blogging.

XOXO, The Christian Prepster


One Comment Add yours

  1. linda says:

    loved this lady when I met her at church! wonderful lady!
    thank you!


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