Living Fearfully & Wonderfully #3

I hope you all have enjoyed the Living Fearfully and Wonderfully videos! I have learned so much about what it looks like to seek the Lord and live according to His call towards women.
I have known Sara for a while but never knew how similar we are. It’s such a blessing to have a woman in my life who I can relate so well too.
Sara talked about what it looks like to be godly while in a leadership position at a church. She mentioned two words that she keeps in her mind while serving, those words are willing and eager.
I believe that those words can relate to our walk as Christians also. So many times, I get swept up in worldly things and I forget the two most important parts of being a follower of Christ, I need to always be willing and eager.
The Lord has shown me something recently that he has only called me to be obedient. He has not called to me to be successful in everything, but to be obedient in all things.
I believe that the Lord will use the little I have to offer for amazing things as long as I stay willing and eager.

XOXO, The Christian Prepster


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