Young & Beardless by John Luke Robertson


John Luke Robertson has written an amazing book that has changed my life!

John Luke is the part of the Duck Dynasty family and a firm follower of Christ. I have not met the Robertson family but I have kept up with them through there show and social media. They are an inspiring family and challenge those around them to live boldly for Christ. When I first heard about John Luke’s book, I was so excited! I could not wait to read it.

In John Luke’s words, Young & Beardless is about, ” The search for God, purpose, and a meaningful life.” John Luke has put words to inspiration. He writes what it takes to live a “good story” and how to have a risk-taking, adventurous life.

John Luke takes his past and his friend’s pasts and has created a piece that teaches it’s readers how to take risks and lay it all on the line for God.

One thing that hit home for me was a line from the chapter titled, “Risking (it all)” .

“If you want more faith, do more stuff”- Bob Goff

John Luke has some crazy adventures that he describes in his book. He takes the quote above and actually lives it out! His authenticity, in addition to his amazing writing ability and deep understanding of God’s will for his life, is truly inspiring to me.

Young & Beardless was truly inspiring and challenging. I will be referring back to this book in the future. One thing in particular that I enjoyed, were the questions at the end of each chapter. These questions challenged you to take a step back and examine your lifestyle.

Coming from my deep love for writing and literature, I LOVED his bright idea to start each chapter off with an inspiring quote and to end each chapter with a book recommendation. Because of John Luke’s innovation, I now have a list of twelve more books to read!

Without a shadow of doubt, I would recommend this book to any person. There is no age limit to John Luke’s inspiration and Biblical truths. Any person, Believer or Nonbeliever, can learn something from Young & Beardless.

Thank you, John Luke, for writing a book that has changed my life!

XOXO, The Christian Prepster 


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