Mission Trip

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Photo from: Alysha L. Photo Edited by: T.C.P

Last week, my youth group went on a Mission Trip to South Carolina. It was a great trip and I left with a totally new and deeper understanding of what God has done and will do in my life.

Throughout the week, we talked about how God is the master artist and all that he creates is for a purpose and is beautiful. We marvel at the sky and how beautiful it is… the same God that created the sky, also created you and me.

On night, we identified the things in our lives that hold us back and limit God’s plan for our lives. Those things were symbolized as wood chips that we would hammer off of a log. It was an amazing analogy of what God does in our lives.

Each day he is chipping away and molding us into the creation he has always attended for our lives.

Each morning we got to help out with a VBS and the Lord gave me the opportunity to lead this little girl named Jillian to the Lord. It was an amazing experience and I learned so much from it.

The afternoons consisted of construction in a low income community. The amount of joy that it gave me is unmeasurable. I loved getting to help and see the effect it had on the members of that community.

I was also blessed to grow closer to my team and the leaders of the organization we went with. I made some life long friends and mentors.

This trip taught me so much about how much God loves his creation and because of that love, I can now share it with those around me.

I am so blessed to have gone on this trip and loved every minute of it. It will have a lasting impact on my life. Praise Jesus!!

XOXO, The Christian Prepster 


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