Set Apart- Live Like It

Photo found on Pinterest and edited by TCP

Lately I have been reading in Romans and Galatians and this line continues to make an appearance:

“You have been set apart”

After the fifth time reading it, I started asking some questions. What does it really mean to be set apart and why are we set apart?

When you define set apart, you get 119 different definitions! 119!! It’s no wonder why that term can be kind of confusing! After reading most definitions, it can be summed up as being placed somewhere for a reason, being different from the rest.

If we, as Christians are “set apart” something about us should be totally different from that of non Christians.

The way we interact with others, our attitudes, our day to day reactions, and our outlook on life should be flipped from that of an unbeliever.

The second question I asked was, why are we set apart, what purpose does it have?

We were set apart to show non believers that Christ changes you. When you accept Christ, you are welcoming love and joy to permanently be housed inside of you.

We are set apart because with Jesus we are totally new people.

Maybe there is a reason why

“You are set apart”

Is repeated so many times in the Bible. We need to be reminded that, from day one, God choose use and we are now different from the rest.

Let’s both accept this challenge:


          XOXO, The Christian Prepster 



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