Your Work is Not in Vain


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I have learned something very significant this past week. The things I’ve learned have not been learned in an easy way, It took a lot of tears to get me here today but, I am here.

First Lesson// 

The first lesson I learned, I learned early in the week. I was having one of the worst days of my life. I was basing my attitude off of people instead of God. I’m joyful when everything is going well but when things change, my attitude gets horrible. Throughout my day, I realized that true joy comes from the Lord. The only way I will be content in every situation is for me to seek the, ever constant, Lord instead of my peers.

Second Lesson//

The next day, I learned the value of a true friend. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. My school has become so crazy and I don’t have any time to waste; Never the less, my friends are also important to me. On Tuesday, I had to choose which one would be the most beneficial. My friend was having a rough day and really needed to talk so I missed some of my third and fourth-period class to talk to her. Luckily, my teachers were fine with it! Sometimes I get so caught up in academics that I forget to engage in those around me.  On Tuesday, I learned that relationships are so important, sometimes more important than the first minutes of a class.

That night was my Sectional Track meet. A little back story about this track season, I got my personal record two weeks into the season and then became injured. Since I got injured, I have not been able to meet my personal record. I had been working so hard and each meet I would get out at the same height. It was so frustrating to work so hard and not improve. I walked into that meet with the mindset that I was just going to jump. The nerves that I normally have were gone, it was a great feeling. That night, I reached my personal record and cleared it! It was one of the best nights of my life. The feeling that all of my struggle and hard work had finally paid off (at the perfect time too).

Third Lesson// 

My third lesson happened from Tuesday night through Sunday. Because I cleared a fairly high height, I had a shot at making it to Regionals. I knew that I placed fifth at the meet and I was eagerly waiting for them to announce the placing. I waited 45 minutes to hear my name come before the height, It was great but they messed up the placement and said I was someone else and that I got sixth. The rest of the night was spent in tears and frustration. I was talking to officials and meet directors to try and fix the mistake.  Once the meet finished and the fans cleared, I was still waiting to hear if they fixed the placement and whether or not I had made it to regionals. The night ended with me in tears, they could not change the placement and because of that, regionals looked out of reach.

That night, God gave me a peek into a lesson that I would learn the hard way. I was so proud of myself for clearing my personal record but the recognition became the most important part. 

That Friday was the awards banquet at my school. I work so hard to do the right thing, to succeed in school, and to be a nice, loving person. I wouldn’t say that I thought I deserved an award but I did think that my hard work should be rewarded. I needed the stressful nights spent crying and the boat load of times that I have carried a group on my back , to be rewarded. I desperately needed someone or something to tell me that what I was doing was not useless. However, they choose someone else to reward. I love who they choose and I believe that they have also worked hard. It just shocked me because I’ve worked so hard and have achieved so much this year.

On Sunday, my youth group had  “pass the baton” where the seniors pass a baton to a younger student who has leadership potential.  I know that I have the gift of leadership but it would be nice for one of my peers to see that potential. I’ve never received someone’s baton and Sunday was no different. It’s not a huge deal but it does make me feel sad. I know that I can lead there is just something about people and their encouragement that I desperately need. 

In the car on our way home that night, I finally connected the dots. It slapped me in the face. I don’t need the world to tell me that my hard work has and will pay off. God has told me a million times (maybe a little less than a million)  that my work is not in vain. In addition to his recognition, I have my own.

I don’t need people to tell me that I have potential, that I’ve worked hard, or that I earned my spot. The only recognition I need is that of God.

I know that the heavenly crown I will receive in heaven is much more valuable than any earthly reward and that my work is not in vain. 

I will keep pushing hard and will continue to seek the Lord above all worldly recognition. Who’s with me?

XOXO, The Christian Prepster


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