Go Get’em


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Every morning, our feet hit the floor. Our tired eyes fight to stay open, we take a deep breath and live life. Somedays it’s harder to get up and get out there.

In my life, I have two different personalities. One that just wants to stay in bed and do nothing and the other that wants to do something, something big. Those personalities find me in stages. I will go months with being super “Pumped” and on fire then one day, I just get lazy.

It drives me crazy how quickly it can change. I think the main reason why my dreams die is because I find them impossible. I look into my dream and decide to turn around and give up.

All people fall into this. We think that our dreams and goals are too big to be achieved. Listen to me when I say this,

“Go Get’em!”

Get up and do something. Achieve your dreams because if you don’t know, you never will. Please, please do not look into your dreams and give up. How are we supposed to change the world if we give up?

Exactly, we are not. Nothing is going to happen if you don’t take one leap of faith and decide to do something.

God is with you so you have no excuses.

Let’s get out there and do something!!


XOXO, The Christian Prepster



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