Free to Be Me


Photo found on Pinterest and edited by TCP

When I was young… actually I still do this: I sing all day long. So much so that I would give my grandmother singing lessons in the car on the way to dance class. My favorite song was, Free To Be Me by Francesca Battistelli. I heard that song for the first time in a very long time, a few days ago. The reminiscing was nice but not at all a coincidence.

Lately, I have been struggling with holding my true self back. I know who I am but I also know that I am very far from perfect and that “I “is one that I don’t like to show often. I know that God has made in perfectly imperfect but I am not a fan of being wrong.

One of my favorite and least favorite lines in the song is,

“Try to fit the pieces together
But perfection is my enemy”

That line hits me hard every time. I want to be okay with not being perfect. I want to be able to let myself be human and mess up. I need to remind myself that perfection is not the goal. God did not look at his creation of Adam and Eve and call them perfect, He called them good. I just need to be good, not perfect.

I do have “a couple dents in my fender and a couple rips in my jeans” but I also have a God who makes those imperfections perfect.

Trying to be perfect is the hardest thing because we will always fall short. Believe me, I would know because I have lived my life trying to be the perfect student, perfect child, perfect friend, perfect athlete, and the perfect follower of Christ but I have and will always slip up.

It’s time for me to stop literally chasing the wind. All I need to be is the imperfect yet good me that God has created.

My prayer from one imperfect person to another is that you will see that you are good. You weren’t created to be perfect so stop trying to be. God has all things under control and all you need to do is seek him wholeheartedly!

XOXO, The Christian Prepster


One thought on “Free to Be Me

  1. our goal is to live our life reflecting him and at the end slide into heaven with dirt under our nails,hair in disarray , torn dusty jeans ,a few dents and scratches but with a smile on our face as we gaze into his eyes and say. Whew ! I MADE IT ! Life can be difficult ,with ups and downs,wins and loses gained thru the experiences of living life in an imperfect world. When our focus is on him he will guide us ,yet give us freedom to choose our path , remembering he is the only PERFECT person who every walked this earth. “For all have failed and fallen short”.


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