A Little Encouragement 


If I’m being totally honest, love is the most beautiful thing in the world. It’s found in a beautiful smile exchanged between friends, the act of serving without thanks, knowing that a friend is struggling so you make their day better. Love is something incredible and we have the best example of perfect love.

The Lord has given us multiple examples of how we love those who are hard to love. He hung with the sinners, prayed for those who didn’t believe in him, and lavished us with unending grace and mercy. Each day he gives us chances to share this same love to those around us.

I am pretty joyful throughout my days and many have asked how/why I am so happy.  Jesus’ love is my reason. His loving kindness and grace are what makes my heart sing (and my voice 😀 )

I believe that my call in this stage of my life is to love those around me. To love just like Jesus did. Love without thanks, love when it is not convenient, and love when the storms come.

Sometimes, loving is all we can do. Smiling and making someone’s day is all it takes to be Jesus to those around you.

Today, if you do nothing else, please, please love those around you.


XOXO, The Christina Prepster


2 Comments Add yours

  1. pap says:

    Love heals all wounds large and small..


  2. Linda says:

    You certainly warm my heart with your beautiful words, loving heart and beautiful smile! God shines through you without a doubt!


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