Wednesday Encouragement


Lately, I have been discouraged. Stress and restlessness fill my days and drag me into the same scene: I am praying for a day that my life is “back on track”. Whether I wake up to an unbelievably dirty room or the lack of sleep finally catches up to me, my days are lacking something. I believe I have narrowed down the options and I want to spare the finesse here, I am lacking prayer and celebration.

I keep getting swept up in the hustle and bustle and I forget my main purpose, to love. Luckily, I have the world’s best mother and she has been helping me stay focused. Our family car has seen a lot of tears this week. I try very hard each day and the toll that it takes has finally caught up with me.

Going back to the world’s best mom, she has reminded me that I don’t have to be perfect in fact, I cannot be. I just need to be myself and so do you. There is a quote out there that I love, “let’s just all be ourselves.” Can you imagine, what if one day we all just relaxed and acted as ourselves?

My encouragement to you is to keep going, always, always keep going. The best and the only way for the toll of this life to stay away is took go faster, further, and far away. If we try to flee from sin and we get swept up in it once again, we can’t stop and give up. If we try so hard to “take the high road” (which is not always easy) and the toll catches up with us, we cannot stop choosing to be kind. The best way to get over the stress is to get the stressful stuff done.

My goal for this blog was to express myself and, hopefully, one day, and in some way, share the love of Jesus to one reader. If both of those goals are reached I have reached the peak of this blog. Somedays, the last thing I feel like doing on a Tuesday night after sports and homework is to write.  However, each time I sit down and start typing, I find rest.

With everything in life comes restlessness and stress. But all I can advise you to do is

keep going, always, always keep going.

XOXO, The Christian Prepster


2 Comments Add yours

  1. pap says:

    Winners Never give up….NEVER ! LY always. Pap


  2. Linda says:

    we need to be encouraged and cheered on in life! God is our constant cheerleader as you reminded us…, he puts special people in our family to help him! Love You!


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