let there be cake

Hello! I am now one year older!! If you read my last birthday post, you would recognise this picture.

Today I got up with a big (brace-less) smile and my mother’s sweet birthday wishes. Walked into the kitchen to see my favourite breakfast and a sweet treat from some family friends. A big text from of my best friends made me cry as I was sitting in my gold chair with a pillow made by my mother. My sister called me and wished me a great day. Today I am wearing my favorite outfit and my brand new purity ring!

I arrive at school to find texts from my friends in Florida and a sweet message from one here. I walk into my first-period class to find a sweet note and a poster board of pictures and Bible verse posted on the board. Now we are here, I’m loving my birthday and I feel complete.

Last night, I felt lonely, I had been sick all weekend and unable to see my friends at school. It’s crazy how quickly I can forget that I am loved and I have friends here. I thought that my birthday would just feel like a normal Monday, nothing special. Boy was I wrong?!

Although I feel complete right this moment, I know that this year will be filled with moments when I feel unloved, incomplete, and scared. In those moments, God is the same. He is the same God that has made this day such a great one. I will forever be complete, wether I feel like it or not.

I want this age to bring some exciting things:

  • Celebrating the little things
  • Being myself
  • Exceeding expectations
  • Pursuing God above all else
  • Loving when It’s Hard


XOXO, The Christian Prepster


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Pap says:

    You will always be very special and rest assured this guy loves you to the moon and back..Glad you had a GREAT birthday..xoxo.


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