Happy Thanksgiving


Happy, almost Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a time of overflowing thanks and, in order to get the most out of this heart warming time, I have some of my favorite Thanksgiving Inspiration from other blogs!

Get creative with the decor. (Idea from   on Project Inspired)

Homemade decorations may sound childish to you but, having done some recently, I know that they are so fun! I am planning on filling my families dinning room with handmade decorations like these:

(for more, click this link)

Pray together before eating. (Idea from   on Project Inspired)

Prayer, as we know, is a powerful thing. This past year, I have really focused on my prayer life and I am so excited to pray with my whole family. I am going to be brave this year and ask if I can pray.



Say what you are all thankful for. (Idea from    on Project Inspired)

I believe we all say what we are thankful for in our heads, which is great. But verbal gratitude and thanks is much more powerful! I challenge all of you to go around the table and say, at least one, thing you are thankful for.

Volunteer! (Idea from   on Project Inspired)

Thanksgiving will open many doors for serving opportunities. Search for thanksgiving dinners at soup kitchens in your area or buy some extra food and walk around town, giving to those in need.

Thanksgiving Outfits. (Pictures from Carly a. heitlinger on The College Prepster) 

Carly (one of my favorite bloggers) has created some FANTASTIC outfit ideas:

This Thanksgiving, lets be intentional!


XOXO, The Christian Prepster


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