The One Experience Jesus

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The creativity used in this book is astonishing! From the front cover to the back cover, “The One: Experience Jesus” is filled with breath taking photography that portrays the legibly beautiful testimonies on each page.

I am all about organization.  I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that each chapter had a set layout, story/testimony, Q and A section, and a reflective/digging deeper page that gave some serious thought provoking questions.

I loved every part of “The One: Experience Jesus”. The page layout and the overall feel of the book made it an easy read. It took me awhile to get through “The One: Experience Jesus” because of my busy schedule but the way the author split up each chapter into three sections help me pace myself.

The stories and Q and A sections are well written and are very reliable. The writers are very wise and open about their stories. This is an interesting read. I can see a new believer or a seasoned follower reading this book and being comfortable. It’s unusual to find a book that will appeal to many walks of life.

I highly suggest this book for anyone interested in understanding more of what Jesus is all about.

XOXO, The Christian Prepster 


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