Go for Broke


I went on a retreat last weekend and learned so much about God, my youth group, and myself. From activities including low ropes courses to great worship by Joyful Noise, I was reminded of the joy and the grace God has for us.

Duffy Robbins was the speaker for our trip and let me just say, boy was he great! I don’t know how he kept us all awake at 11:00 pm Friday, but the way he spoke and related Bible stories to our lives was fantastic!

We, as a youth group, discussed that one of the things that stuck out to us most from Duffy’s sessions was the phrase, “Go for Broke”.  “Go for Broke” taught us that we need to follow Jesus 110%  and never, I repeat, never, turn back.

At first, I thought I understood what “Go for Broke” meant. It wasn’t until I was the only one on the ropes course and was facing a physical challenge that I wasn’t sure I could manage and I had to take a literal leap of faith (it may have been a tiny leap of faith but a leap of faith non the less) that I realized that to reach my goal I would have to “Go for Broke”.  All of a sudden, I more thoroughly understood the phrase “Go for Broke”.  to “Going for Broke” is like taking a deep breath, closing your eyes, saying a prayer, and taking that leap of faith (whatever yours may be), with no going back. or, in Lot’s wife’s case, with no looking back.

Coming back home from this trip with a “Go for Broke” mindset, I know what I need to do:

I need to be bolder with my faith.

I need to set my own desires aside and listen to the Holy Spirit.

I need follow the instructions given to me by the Holy Spirit.

I need to be intentional with my time in order to focus on the Lord that was, “born under the law to save those under the law”.

XOXO, The Christian Prepster


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  1. linda says:

    Great! You are amazing!


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