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My weekend was spent in Nashville, experiencing the freedom of a college student in my sister’s dorm room. That freedom included eating mint cookies and cold pizza while watching The Proposal with my sister and her suite mates at 1:00 in the morning. Getting to meet all of my sister’s friends and peers was great.  There is a lot of wisdom surrounding my sister!

My sister’s RA stuck out to me specifically. After telling us a hilarious story about one of her high school mission trips and introducing us to the term “FOMO”, she mentioned the meaning of her name.

I had researched the meaning of my name before, but not extensively.

In Welsh, the meaning is, Curly-headed. Irish Meaning:  Intelligent

Okay, awesome, what is the significance of “curly-headed and intelligent”? It wasn’t until my sister’s RA reminded me how God added emphasis to names in the Bible and is still doing that today, that I began to realize that God has named us. God chose our name before we were born and is working though our names every day.

I dug a little deeper and found that my name not only means curly-headed and Intelligent, but also love and esteem. One of my gifts is intelligence. I have a love for learning and retaining knowledge. While continuing my search, I was reminded that intelligence or knowledge is a spiritual gift mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12. It’s as if God knew from day one, who I would become (spoiler alert, He totally did!).

Next comes love. I love love! I am a mushy mess when I hear a great love story of how God lead two people together and guided their paths to intersect at the best possible time! I love relationships with my friends and family and sharing Christ’s love with people! Christ’s unconditional love is what get’s me going everyday. The fact that His love is so, 100% Him and 0% us is perfect in every way. I am a sucker for love and love my King with my whole heart. Looks like the ‘love’ part is true as well!

I believe that God choose my name as a reminder of my gifts and who I am in His eyes. It’s amazing how little things in life are a reflector of a king so big!

I recommend you search to find what the meaning of your name is. I would love to read what you find! Please comment!

XOXO, The Christian Prester


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