Walking by the Holy Spirit

Last week I was in Muncie, Indiana for my middle school mission trip. Despite the humidity and sleeping on concrete, that mission trip was the best experience and I left changed!


A few weeks ago, I had my eyes opened to what walking by The Spirit really was. I was at Time to Revive and got to share the gospel with the only direction coming from the Holy Spirit. Words, visions, signs, audible voices, I have them all. Still to this day, I am in awe at how, once we let the Holy Spirit in, much we can do. I remember being in the car and praying for a direction to go. I kept getting the word,left. I wasn’t sure if “left” was from the Holy Spirit or just from me so I prayed this prayer,

“Lord, I keep getting the word, Left. You know that I am new at this whole thing so, If Left is the direction we need to go in, please give the word, left, to the girl in front of me.”

I kid you not, five seconds later the girl in front of me says that we need to go left! It was the coolest thing! I could go on and on, telling stories about God’s higher plan and how humbled I am to be apart of it (wink wink) But I have to tell you this story.

It was Wednesday of last week and my mission team had just watched a Francis Chan video when my youth pastor took us on an impromptu evangelistic prayer walk. We went outside and we saw probably the most dangerous looking man, tattoos, low pants, bottle and all, walking down the street of the church we were staying. I immediately spun around and started walking towards him. I am still in shock that I did that! However, all I remember is seeing my mission group and then talking to the man, everything else is a blur. My friends told me that I spun on a dime and walked about three steps in his direction when a leader garbed my hand to come with me and my friend gave me a hug as we continued to follow this guy. It wasn’t until I had spent all Wednesday night thinking about how I did that and how I was so bold that I realized that hadn’t done anything. The Holy Spirit took control of my whole being, spun me around, and walked me up to this man.

It’s crazy how God works in you whenever you give Him the reins of you life and let Him command your steps.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. linda says:

    So pleased you had this mission experience! Most of us go through life not reaching out to the holy spirit often enough and then not following his lead! So proud of you! God bless you in all you do!!!


  2. pap says:

    Following step by step letting him lead you..lytm Pap


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