Start Your Day off Right

Happy WednesYAY! I have been doing Time to Revive for the past two weeks and I am exhausted! In order to achieve the maximum amount of sleep each night, I wake up at the very last minute. Luckily, I still plan out time to make sure my morning has a positive outlook for the rest of my day.

phonto (1)

Right as I wake up, I pray. I ask the Holy Spirit to guide my steps.I find this to be so effective and a great way to wake up. I strongly suggest that you get out of bed and pray unless you want to be like Peter who fell asleep while praying! This is a quiet time that needs to be dedicated to The Lord and nothing/nobody else. Hey! That would be the perfect time for a devotional! (Check out #shereadstruth for some great devotionals for women of Christ) If you start your day by being intentional, you day will more focused and in tune with God. Also,drinking water as you wake up is a great way to maintain hydration and start off refreshed.

Aim to stay in constant prayer,listen to Youversion, or play worship music as you get ready. All three are great, It’s  whatever you prefer.I switch them up often. One day I have a lot to talk to God about and other days I want to listen. Can you just imagine how great your day would be if you had begun in constant prayer? It would be great, and let me tell you, it is! Relaying on the Lord from the second your feet hit the floor is how our days should be started!

Eating breakfast (my favorite part) is the best time to do some morning reading. Might that be a new book,(mine is The Boys on the Boat) your Bible, another devotional, or blog posts, it’s a great time to make a dent in your books. I normally read other blogs and do my SAT question of the day while I eat my breakfast.

Then you are out the door and you are welcomed to your mission field by the bright morning sun!

What are some ways you start your day off right?

XOXO, The Christian Prepster


4 Comments Add yours

  1. gvc says:

    This is a very positive and energizing message. As you requested, I for one start my day off by thanking God that I was born a BUCKEYE and will be a BUCKEYE till I die regardless of the State I currently reside in.


    1. christianprepster says:

      Wow, that is a very unique way to start your day! 😀


  2. linda says:

    You are so right! My morning begins with a prayer for strength and guidance! Then I pray for all my family and friends to be protected and happy! Thank you for being YOU!


    1. christianprepster says:

      That’s wonderful!


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