Letter to the Younger Me

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This week has been all about growing up! I only have around three weeks of middle school left and, as I am writing this, my sister is getting her Senior pictures done. I feel so old! Reflecting comes with growth so…here is my reflecting.

Dear Younger Self,

I wish that you could see yourself now! Your going on 15, you are maturing so fast, and, you finished middle school with all A’s! All of your hard work has paid off! I have some encouragement for you. Stay young! I know that all you can think about is growing up and starting Middle School, High School, and your adult life, but please act like a child for as long as possible; keep that clueless, innocent, “I just ate ice cream” smile. Keep watching Veggie Tales and playing with Barbie Dolls for a long time! Relax a little! No offense but, you take little things way to seriously (like being late to ballet class). You have nothing to stress about, your parents have it all under control! Be nicer to people. Try to be less controlling and more gracious, I promise that it will pay off! Keep writing in that diary in your bed side table. Don’t worry about spelling words correctly or writing something that someone will remember for years to come, just explain to me how you felt watching your favorite movie, I would cherish it now. Be original. Wear you hair in those crazy hair styles that you try out on your American Girl Doll (don’t go too crazy though!). Carry that cute pink purse and take your stuffed bunny to school. Don’t be ashamed to suck your thumb in 1st grade, nobody will care! Keep up the habit of waking up to your alarm in the morning because you don’t want to wake up late on picture day of 2012, and have to take retakes! Become friends with boys, they don’t really have cooties!( but keep a safe distance, you never know). Try to monitor you gluten intake, one day, you will have to live without it! Finish writing those stories about the crazy kid with those magical glasses. (p.s. you look really awesome in your new glasses!)  Be open to other sports. You will be a two time conference winning High Jumper and you will be a pretty good volleyball player. Call your out of state family more often and give them more hugs. Pick up a book once and a while! You will love them! Try to read your Bible more and stay awake in Sunday Service! Having a locker at school is as cool as it looks! And yes, you can decorate it! Sing more often and keep the videos of your made up songs, don’t delete them, I’m serious! But most of all, keep your high goals! Keep your hopeful eyes! You future has been paved by Christ and it is a perfect path! You’re almost 15 now and, so far so good!

Keep it up,

XOXO,The Christian Prepster


3 thoughts on “Letter to the Younger Me

  1. this may be my favorite! Live your beautiful life every minute with more joy and less pressure on yourself……you truly are amazing!


  2. Have to agree with Linda. This may very well be your best one yet….but it should be because you are talking about someone you know better than anyone else…You are an phenominal young lady with special gifts


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