This Week’s Joy

Last week, I was filled with this unmistakable joy that came from my peers. I was constantly smiling because one of my friends had just made my day. It was amazing!

phonto (1)

Besides the Lord and any sweet treat, my true joy is people. I love seeing the smiling faces of my peers as they pass by me in the hallway. I love seeing the days triumphs and tribulations in the eyes of all who surround me. I love seeing those, “odd-defying” moments in life as one says, “I did it!” I enjoy having deep conversations with friends; seeing one openly declare their faith excites me. Witty words and legibly beautiful speeches start a fire in me. People have a way of making my day that can only come from the Lord and I am so thankful for that.

The power of a positive attitude is so great that even a smile in the hallway or the use of ones name can change their whole day in just a matter of seconds. I believe that Atticus Finch had it right,” Most people are really nice, Scout, when you finally see them.”  (Who else is pumped for Harper Lee’s book,” Go Set A Watchmen”?) I have come to the conscientious that humans aren’t perfect; however, we are really hard workers and we try our best, most of the time!

I believe that each person is kind. I believe that each person is caring. I believe that each person is sensitive. However, I also believe that some people view those traits as the definition of vulnerability.

open to moral attack or criticism
last week I believe that I saw my peers through God’s eyes, as Innocent children trying their best.
XOXO, The Christian Prepster


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