Inner Beauty


“Outer beauty attracts attention, but inner beauty is what holds it.”  -Kari Kampakis

Lately, I have been reading the book 10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know, and it really has me thinking about how life really should be lived.

We should not be obsessed with our outward appearance (Truth #9) we should be seeking God and putting our focus on things above and not earthly things. (Colossians 3:2) We also need to be ourselves. Christ has made you wonderful with talents and ideas that no one else in this world can have! But it’s hard to be yourself and so easy to be someone else! Today, it is easier than ever to stay in the crowd. Christ calls us to be different and fulfill our callings.

The Body of Christ works together. The Body would not work well if we were all ears or hands, some of us were called to be mouths and spread the word of God through our words and others are called to be hands. If we neglect our God given talents, The Body won’t work correctly.

photo (5)

1 Peter 3:3-4 NIV

Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.

Audrey Hepburn is one of my very favorite actresses of all time. Despite being beautiful on the outside, Audrey was beautiful on the inside. I am not aware of her religious beliefs, but she was truly beautiful on the inside. Audrey Hepburn quit acting so that her child could have a full time mother, became a UNICEF ambassador, and dedicated her life to helping children in third world countries. The photo above is one of my favorites. It’s just a girl being herself! Being yourself is a lot more fun than being a copy of somebody else. Do you want to know why it’s more fun? Because God made you, you and not them!

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself!”

                                   -Coco Chanel

Here is a playlist made by The Christian Prepster, on inner beauty:

Inner Beauty playlist

Here is one of my favorite Veggie Tales about inner beauty:

XOXO, The Christian Prepster


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  1. gawthropnr says:

    I know you personally, and I just wanted to let you know that I am truly inspired by you. You will do great things in this world and God has big plans for you. Hope we become better friends this school year.


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