The Impact of Encouragement

Every once and a while I try to do a little reminiscing and look through old pictures, cards, and drawings that I made when I was little.

I think that this is a person...:D

Because it is a new year, I decided to do my annual reminiscing today. I have so many cards and letters of praise, encouragement, and thanks that make me smile to this day. It’s crazy to think of who I would be if I had never had friends that encouraged me. There are so many mentors who have impacted my life is many ways.

My sister (The one who named this blog) is someone who encourages me daily. My sister is my own personal cheerleader. She is the most encouraging person you will ever meet! I would not be surprised if she gave me a “Good Job” when making my lunch! Besides being a verbal encourager, my sister is the “Note Giving” type of encourager. Oh… I don’t know how many wonderful, encouraging notes I have received, weather it be on my bed, my desk, or in my locker, she always has something encouraging to say.

The encouragement that I have received over the past years I will hold on to for the rest of my life. People like my sister are the people that I strive to be like every day. My sister encourages me to encourage others. I find myself on a daily bases becoming more and more like my sister. Thank you to the friends and family members who have encouraged me an have made me a better person.

photo (4)

“… Friends, do you have anything you want to say? A word of encouragement, perhaps?” – Acts 13:15

XOXO, The Christian Prepster


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  1. Linda says:

    You and your sisters are all amazing young ladies. As one of your grandparents, I know the love and Godly works that are shown daily by your parents as well! So, so proud of you “baby Granddaughter”!


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